Why Choose Us


Why choose us?

Advantage Support Services has been serving staff and patients in surgical services, specifically the operating room and the Central Sterile Processing department, since 1997. We have taken our hands on experience and developed solutions for the challenges you experience each day.

By having “walked a mile in your shoes”, we understand your role as a provider and end user of services from other departments.

Our solutions are a real time approach that not only solve the challenges, but bring a change in the culture of the department, which creates a long term solution and the stability needed.

Knowledge and professionalism stressed in training

Our approach serves the patient by educating all staff to each others role in the instruments work flow process; from the point of use, through each of the steps in the sterilization process, to transportation and back to the suites or theaters for patient use.
Our classes were developed to provide all the sciences of sterilization, to not only the Central Sterile departments and the Operating Room staff, but to all the support nurses and technicians as well.  Our approach gives each department a glimpse of the others role, which develops a culture of awareness, respect and professionalism toward the departments and builds them as a team.
Our on line classes include:

  • Operating Room staff to Immediate Use sterilization
  • Operating Room staff to Orient to the current standards and best practices
  • Central Sterile Processing staff to Orient to the current standards and best practices
  • All Surgical Services staff to IAHCSMM Technician Sterilization Certification
  • Central Sterile Management to an IAHCSMM certification to CHL or Leadership
  • Infection Control Nurses to Orient to the current standards and best practices