Pre-Test for Technician Certification


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$ 75 per individual license

Class Use: Individual

Time and Delivery: Start immediately; “On-Line” Class with additional option for student to meet with

Estimated Completion Time: Two hours

Qualifications: Individuals preparing for the CRCST (Technician for Central Processing) Exam

Other Requirements: Test is “On-Line”


The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) is the premier association representing healthcare Central Service (CS) professionals worldwide. Because CS professionals are responsible for cleaning, decontaminating, sterilizing, and distributing medical and surgical instrumentation, they are among the most vital contributors to the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. For more than 50 years, IAHCSMM has been providing these professionals with the broadest range of certification and continuing education offerings available, along with the unsurpassed support that only a full-service membership organization can bring.

This commitment to advancing CS knowledge, skill sets and professionalism is why over 26,000 members and certificants rely on IAHCSMM to keep them sharp, focused and abreast of the very latest standards, best practices and technological advancements impacting the CS profession.


This is a tool to use to help determine if you are prepared to sit for the certification exam for central service technicians. It will help you discover and examine your strengths and weaknesses in subjects, like microbiology, anatomy, instrumentation, sciences of sterilization and more. The exam mocks a certification exam in that it is over 100 questions, it covers a lot of the same topics and it is on-line. Once you have completed the exam you will know if you pass or fail and you can go through your exam with an instructor that will discuss your strengths and weaknesses. If it is determined that you should study more before sitting for the exam, then you can participate in the classes on-line and meet via the internet with an instructor each week to help you become successful in certification.

We look forward to working with each of you to help you achieve certification.



How It Works:

Purchase exam. Take exam in your own time frame. Once completed the program will determine if you pass or fail. An IAHCSMM approved instructor will contact you to review the exam results with you on line.
NOTE: This is a mock certification exam. It's purpose is to help you determine what disciplines you should strengthen before registering for the IAHCSMM CRCST exam.