Certification Preparation Class For Central Sterile Technician - CRCST

This online course prepares students and central sterile processing staff to successfully pass the Technician Certification Exam.

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$ 275 per individual license

Class Use: This course is provided to aid processing technicians currently in Central Sterile Processing. This Course is provided for individual use and whole Hospital Departments.

Time and Delivery: Begin Class Immediately.
1. Begin by clicking onto the Login and Get Started icon at the top of the home page or by clicking onto the ENROLL NOW icon at the top of this page.
2. Click on "Individual Training Program" LOGIN.
3. Click on "New Account" and fill in information.
- Once your credit card or debit card is entered, you will have access to the entire IAHCSMM chapter lectures and exams, including the final exam.
4. You can buy the IAHCSMM manual from IAHCSMM on their website at https://www.iahcsmm.org/ecommerce/store.php.

Directions to buy manual and workbook:
1. From the IAHCSMM website (www.iahcsmm.org)
2. Click STORE on the right hand side of home page
3. You will need the IACHSMM Central Service Box Course, 7th Edition. - Cost of manual (at the time of this entry) = $125 plus shipping

Estimated Completion Time: SYLLABUS:
11 or 17 week syllabus provided. (NOTE: student can proceed faster than recommended) This is a web based study program.

Qualifications: Technician certification is for persons who want to become certified technicians in a Central Sterile Processing Department.
The technician Must obtain or demonstrate 400 hours of experience in the sterilization processes of decontamination, assembly, sterilization and storage. The experience can be during employment in a Central Sterile Department or as a volunteer.

OPTION 1: Technician can provide documentation of this experience gained in the past at the time of taking the certification exam
OPTION 2: Technician can provide documentation of experience obtained within 6 months of passing the certification exam.
NOTE:Please be aware that IAHCSMM or Advantage Support Services does not provide placement services; it is your responsibility to find a department in which to complete your hours.

1. Student must purchase IAHCSMM Technician manual and workbook (Central Service Box Course - 7th Edition) from IAHCSMM - https://www.iahcsmm.org/ecommerce/store.php

2. Student must apply for certification exam and submit exam fee to IAHCSMM before taking “real” certification exam. The Advantage Support instructor will guide student through process of applying for exam.

Other Requirements: NA


The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) is the premier association representing healthcare Central Service (CS) professionals worldwide. Because CS professionals are responsible for cleaning, decontaminating, sterilizing, and distributing medical and surgical instrumentation, they are among the most vital contributors to the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. For more than 50 years, IAHCSMM has been providing these professionals with the broadest range of certification and continuing education offerings available, along with the unsurpassed support that only a full-service membership organization can bring.This commitment to advancing CS knowledge, skill sets and professionalism is why over 26,000 members and certificants rely on IAHCSMM to keep them sharp, focused and abreast of the very latest standards, best practices and technological advancements impacting the CS profession.


It’s been widely recognized that obtaining professional certification status is the most important step CS professionals can take toward advancing their careers and driving quality within their respective departments. As a number of states look to follow in New Jersey’s footsteps by mandating certification of CS technicians, quality-driven healthcare organizations worldwide are requiring mandatory certification within their own CS departments, regardless of their state’s current involvement in state-mandated certification initiatives. It’s a decision that no doubt makes good sense given that technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and the CS department is often plagued by a number of resource shortcomings – including limited staff who are expected to keep up with the harried pace of healthcare and the increasing demands of their many customers, such as the surgical services department. *

For these reasons, and many more, it is essential that CS staff have the knowledge, skills and training to provide consistent, reliable and quality-focused service. Certification – which makes CS professionals privy to the latest technology, industry standards and processing practices – is perhaps the most direct route toward helping technicians reach that goal.


The CRCST exam will test your proficiency in two general categories:

General CS Knowledge
-Introduction to Central Service
-Medical Terminology
-Anatomy and Physiology
-Regulations and Standards
-Tools for Cleaning
-Surgical Instrumentation
-Complex Surgical Instruments
-Inventory Management
-Management of Patient Care Equipment
-Tracking Systems
-Quality Assurance
-Human Relations Skills
-Ambulatory Surgery and Related Practices

Infection Control
-Infection Control
-Decontamination (Point of Use Prep and Transport)
-Cleaning and Decontamination
-Sterile Packaging and Storage
-Point of Use Processing
-High Temperature Sterilization
-Low Temperature Sterilization

How It Works:

Each chapter and weekly assignment will include:
-READ – Student to read chapter material before actual class (Central Service Box Course - 7th Edition - https://www.iahcsmm.org/ecommerce/store.php)
-LECTURE – Student to view on line video lecture
-POST LECTURE – Student to view on line video class discussion
-STUDY CARDS – Student can open and print study cards to help them retain chapter information
-LIVE STUDY SESSION – Student can participate with an IAHCSMM approved instructor and other students through a Go To Meeting weekly
-EXAM – Student can take chapter exam on line

To include: Objectives and Additional Resources
-WORKBOOK – Take Practice Exercise in Workbook
-Q&A SESSION – Meet weekly with an instructor
-TEST – Take Review Quiz – On-Line
-A passing grade of 70 is set and results will be given at the end of the exam.

A Certificate of completion will be issued after completing the program and receiving a passing grade on the final exam
A Competency training report will be issued to student and management with a participating grade.
- All documentation and testing provided in course.
- Competency report provided
- Certificate of completion provided