Standardized SPD - Sterilization 101 - Orientation Training


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$ 275 per individual license

Class Use: Organization

Time and Delivery: “On-Line” Class with additional option for student to meet with on site class with Advantage Educator

Estimated Completion Time: 8 Week Syllabus provided

Qualifications: • Central Sterile Departments and Operative Services that would like to prepare staff for an audit and provide education competencies.
• New employees
• Existing staff to develop uniform processing skills

Other Requirements: 1. All documentation and testing provided in course.
2. Competency Report Provided
3. Certificate of Completion Provided



1. To create a strong base of knowledge regarding the suggested and / or correct methods of processing instruments in the Central Sterile Department. This program will also help OR staff understand the correct methods of processing instrumentation.
2. Obtain cost saving for your department
3. Facilitate the proper care of equipment and instruments
4. Reduce expenses related to instrument replacement/repair
5. Reduce exposure to infections by demonstrating the proper methods of processing at each point of sterilization.
6. Establish standard of care for staff, co-workers, patients and community. The On-Line program continually stresses that professionalism is key to preventing cross contamination and protecting our community as a whole.
7. Create an orientation process that is continual and consistent. This program empowers your organization to develop and train its own staff
8. Documentation provided will create competency reporting and education files for all staff.


Program modules focus on the instrumentation and sterilization practices specific to a Central Sterile process. Training begins at the point of use:

- Professional etiquette and ownership measures discussed in and applied to all steps of process
- Prepping instruments for decontamination at the point of use
- Transporting contaminated instrumentation and containers
- Receiving instruments into decontamination areas
- PPE’s, OSHA, Body Mechanics, Sharp Safety
- Preparing of work areas
- Separating and sorting contaminated instruments, containers and disposable items
- Manual washing
- Instruments inspection for bio-burden
- Loading manifolds and prepping instruments for mechanical wash
- Mechanical wash cycles
- Assembly and inspection of instruments
- Inspection of instruments for bioburden and function tests in the assembly area
- Instrumentation categories, placement and packaging of containers, peel pouches and wrapped items
- Quality assurance for each tray/ package
- Sterilization types: Steam, EtO and Gas Plasma
- Monitors for each sterilization type: physical, chemical and biological
- Documentation of sterilization cycle for all stated sterilization methods
- Recall procedures

How It Works:

All of the following formats will be presented to student via a user friendly On-line Program:

Video demonstration for each part of the process listed in syllabus
Hands – on demonstration for all equipment and instrumentation will be custom created for your facility and presented by an Advantage Educator and department facilitator
On-line Workbook for each staff member
On-line Examination of each staff member
NOTE: Each exam will have a passing grade of 70 and grade is delivered to student at the end of exam

Competency Tracking Document -
Documentation is critical for the tracking of training accomplishments. Site facilitators and Advantage educator will receive emailed results of each technician’s score and participation. The results will then be entered into the technician’s competency tracking document. Facilitators can sign-off on modules that have been completed to insure the professional has acquired the appropriate mastery level.

This will also note re-training needs for staff and process evaluations.

Your department management will have documented technician competencies and annual review competencies in place.