Executive Summary

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 Central Sterile Processing and Operative Services: Consultants, Leadership Staff, Assessments, and Education

Angela Lewellyn – SPD Director

LaWayne Perkins – National Project Manager

Executive Summary

Advantage Support Services, Inc. was incorporated in April of 1997 in Nashville, TN.

We initially provided only Surgical First Assistants, but our clients wanted us to provide other specialties. We have since expanded into other areas of expertise and grown to meet the needs of the ever-changing health care environment.

As a staffing and Education company, Advantage has cultivated a reputation for integrity, quality, and professionalism which has enabled us to attract the most competent pool of medical staff.

Advantage currently places professionals to include licensed/certified RNs, LPNs, FA’s, and Surgical Technicians. These employees have had training and/or experience in areas such as ICU/CCU units, OR, Pediatrics, Outpatient’s clinics and Central Sterile.

SPD Staff supports Central Sterile Processing Areas to include, SPD Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Endoscopy Technicians and Educators. Advantage also maintains a roster of inactive employees, and a large database of resumes of professionals who are available for PRN assignments.

We also provide executive and professional recruitment services.



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Services Provided

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Education – Facility Based and On-Line …………………………  Pages 8-9

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Train the Trainer

IUSS Training

Quality Assurance

Orientation for SPD



Services for SPD: Consulting and Leadership Staffing 

Our goal is hand over the keys of your facility, once we have helped you reach the goal of excellence by developing and discovering staff that will carry your SPD goals forward.

Leadership Staffing: 

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Educators


Staffing Professionals are qualified as:

  • Internationally Certified Professionals through IAHCSMM or CBSPD
  • Achieved a standard of excellence with practical experience
  • Demonstrates a high level of professionalism
  • Demonstrates teamwork to encourage like practices in department


Interim Positions and Direct Hire Options:

Advantage will support your goals by providing one professional or a team on an interim basis. We offer a service to discover the professional that will fill your needs on a permanent basis through our “Direct Hire” program.


  • Responsible for providing leadership of the Sterile Processing Department and all facets of sterile processing and perioperative supply chain functions to include support of ancillary areas, labor and delivery, outpatient, and ambulatory settings.
  • This role oversees departmental operations and productivity, inclusive of work flow design and optimization.
  • This position evaluates, maintains, and improves quality control systems while developing a cohesive team, mentoring supervisory staff, and ensuring technical competency across all position levels.
  • This role is responsible for the development and adherence to the budget and partners with stakeholders at all locations to ensure customer and patient satisfaction while upholding the quality standards of a high performing organization.


Responsible for managing a defined product in all sterilization processing areas to include:

  • Decontamination, preparation and packaging, sterilization, distribution to storage supply and to the end-user and equipment
  • Promote education to maintain and elevate staff skill levels to create outcomes for organizational excellence.
  • Complete Leaders Rounding on employees and on key customers daily.
  • Maintain unit communications through staff meetings, huddle process.
  • Be responsible for budget maintenance and oversight along with contributing to position control and productivity monitoring.
  • Be responsible for unit FTE distribution and scheduling, position control updates, productivity monitoring and ensuring safe staffing levels.
  • Be responsible for staff development by completing direct report evaluations.


Services for SPD: Consulting and Leadership Staffing


Our staff takes responsibility for supervising the overall Sterile Processing Department in accordance with all required regulatory/quality documents. We promote communication and serve as the primary liaison between the SPD and the end-user to ensure that needs and concerns are received, documented, followed up on and communicated back.

  • Maintain the Product Compliance.
  • Identify and document issues, Track and follow-up.
  • Facilitate the resolution and communicate the results back to the reporting individual.
  • Promotes and Performs Periodic Quality System audits
  • Conduct training as required, including SOP training, training on new sets and set changes.



Advantage Support has created tools that haven proven effective in developing sterile processing staff into professional leaders of the healthcare team. Our educators are personable and encourages staff to take ownership and develop their experience into their expertise.

Our educators plan, implement and follow through with competency reporting. The educational programs meet the needs of your Sterile Processing Department which aides in the professional development of staff.

The SPD Educator:

  • Maintains open and active communication with the medical staff, patient care staff, and interdepartmental staff.
  • Ensures the competency of all SPD staff and maintains departmental education records in compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Oversees quality and infection control initiatives for SPD.
  • Provides a comprehensive and technical orientation, education, and training program for the sterile processing staff.
  • The Educator performs yearly competencies for all of your SPD staff.

Services for SPD: Assessments 



Services for SPD: Assessments 


Our assessments evaluate how facility reaches the goal of Sterile, On-Time and Complete.


  1. Reaching the Goal of Sterile: People
  • SOP
  • Work flow
  • Staff Knowledge Base
  • Staff Practice Base
  • Accountability
  • Staffing Levels
  • Quality Assurances            Exception Processes


Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Inspection of Policy and Procedures related to Central Sterile Processing Sterilization Processes for the following:
  • Transportation of Contaminated Items to Designated Decontamination Area
  • Decontamination Practices
  • Assembly: Preparation and Packaging
  • Steam Sterilization
  • Monitors
  • Documentation
  • Recall measures
  • Maintenance & Maintenance cleaning steam sterilizer chambers Work flow and process standardization in the following areas: 
  • Review of processes and oversight of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization and Product delivery processes –  Include bottle necks in process 
  • Assess staff practices of processing
  • Compare Real Time processes to Current Standards
  • Standardized processes for cleaning – types of equipment

Staff Education  

  • Consistency of staff orientation and re-training of processes
  • Competency Report
  • Certification/s

Human Personal Assessment  

  • Staffing Recommendations in accordance with summary of case load  Communication  


Services for SPD: Assessments 

Quality Assurances:

Inspection of the following Instrumentation process (Real Time practices):  

  • From the point of use
  • Transportation of items
  • Decontamination
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization practices
  • Delivery to Storage or the End – User
  • Quality Assurance practices


  1. Reaching the Goal of On – Time: Hard Assets
  • Equipment Type
  • Space
  • Supplies
  • Through Put
  • Volumes Vendors
  • Maintenance Progr Capacity / Space:
  • Facility Design
  • Processing area/s  Storage

Instrument / Case Volume  

  • Complete Sets verses Incomplete Sets
  • Miscellaneous Items / Peel Packed
  • Amount of other than desirable outcomes delivered to End-User Hard Assets


  1. Reaching the Goal of Complete: Process and Workflow Asset
  • Inventory
  • Inventory on hand
  • QA points of decision
  • Case Load


  • Quality check or sterilization logs and a process documentation from cradle to grave or follow-up on equipment failures
  • Create and Customize Quality Solution Tools for process monitoring and workflow efficiency




Services for SPD: Education – Facility Based and On-Line 


Orientation:  On line and in House

Training of staff prepares all staff to base line sterilization processes to create uniformity of practice in Central Sterile Department.

  • Video demonstration for each part of the process listed in syllabus
  • Hands – on demonstration for all equipment and instrumentation will be custom created for your facility and presented by an Advantage Educator and department facilitator


  • Information and Training to:

o Provide Demonstrations for current and correct practices    o Sterilization Practice Explanations    o Receive return demonstrations    o Competency report – progress and participation    o On-line Workbook for each staff member   o On-line Examination of each staff member   o Competency Tracking Document



  • Professional etiquette and ownership measures discussed in and applied to all steps of process
  • Prepping instruments for decontamination at the point of use
  • Transporting contaminated instrumentation and containers
  • Receiving instruments into decontamination area
  • PPE’s, OSHA, Body Mechanics, Sharp Safety
  • Preparing of work areas
  • Separating and sorting contaminated instruments, containers and disposable items
  • Manual washing
  • Instruments inspection for bio-burden
  • Loading manifolds and prepping instruments for mechanical wash
  • Mechanical wash cycles
  • Assembly and inspection of instruments
  • Inspection of instruments for bioburden and function tests in the assembly area
  • Instrumentation categories, placement and packaging of containers, peel pouches and wrapped items
  • Quality assurance for each tray/ package
  • Sterilization types: Steam, EtO and Gas Plasma
  • Monitors for each sterilization type: physical, chemical and biological
  • Documentation of sterilization cycle for all stated sterilization methods
  • Recall procedures


Train the Trainer:   

The train-the-trainer (TTT) model, training, and helper model training, focuses

on initially training a person or people who, in turn, train other Sterile processing professional.  The TTT model has proven to be both efficient and cost-effective by allowing Advantage Support Services to deliver a turnkey operation to our clients. The TTT model is especially useful in addressing issues of translating interventions from sterile processing science to practice and providing ongoing support to trainees. The TTT model has a sound body of literature supporting its effectiveness in a variety of contexts, TTT has also involved multiple types of trainees, including SPD Leadership, Educators both SPD and Operating Room, newly hired staff, students in training,

 IAHCSMM CS Technician Certification- CRCST 

Each chapter and weekly assignment will include:

  1. READ – Student to read chapter material before actual class (Central Service Box Course

7th Edition – https://www.iahcsmm.org/ecommerce/store.php)

  1. LECTURE – Student to view on line video lecture
  2. POST LECTURE – Student to view on line video class discussion
  3. STUDY CARDS – Student can open and print study cards to help them retain chapter information
  4. LIVE STUDY SESSION – Student can participate with an IAHCSMM approved instructor and other students through a Go to Meeting weekly
  5. EXAM – Student can take chapter exam on line
  6. Competency / Education File Delivered as Staff progress through program 11 or 17-week syllabus provided. (NOTE: student can proceed faster than recommended) This is a web based study program.


IAHCSMM CS Technician – Instrument Specialist – CIS

 IAHCSMM CS Manager / Leadership Certification – CHL

Certification CS Technician – Endoscopy / G.I. Scope Certification on Line or as an On Site Class 

CEU’s – Continuing Education for CBSPD Certification or IAHCSMM Certification (CEU’s) nine total include:

  • Decontamination: The following objectives of this module:
  • Assembly: The following objectives of this module are:
  • Sterilization: The following objectives of this module are for Steam, EtO and Gas Plasma sterilization



   Immediate Use – ON Line  

On line training of Hospital designated Operative Staff concerning processes described in the multi-disciplinary statement for the Joint Commission for Immediate Use Sterilization practices delivered in the following form:

  • Immediate Use – On Site Seminar x 2 day
  • Provided during a 2-day training session for all Operating Room staff
  • Staff includes: Circulating RN’s, Surgical Technologists and OR staff operating Immediate Use Sterilizers Lecture the following Procedures according to AAMI:

On site Leadership Staffing: Educator, Supervisor and Management Staffing Professionals are qualified as:

  • Internationally Certified Professionals through IAHCSMM or CBSPD
  • Achieved a standard of excellence with practical experience
  • Demonstrates a high level of professionalism
  • Demonstrates teamwork to encourage like practices in department