About Us

Advantage Support Services, Inc. was created in 1996 by two Nashville orthopedic surgeons who wanted to insure they had consistent, dedicated and professional surgical teams. In 1997, they brought a manager with over 15 years experience in operational and product management into the partnership. From the start, Advantage’s management decisions have been based on providing quality patient care. Now with over thirteen successful years under their belt, Advantage has not lost that patient centered directive.

We know that surgical patients surrender themselves to the care of trusted health care professionals. We know that the efforts of even the smallest cogs in the wheel contribute to an overall successful outcome. We know success happens when all professionals in the surgical process show commitment and dedication to patient care. Around 2005, the Advantage staff began offering in-person training to Central Sterile staffs to help increase the consistency and accountability of this aspect of the surgical process. The training was very well received; so Advantage spent two years developing an On-line Training Program to create an affordable, consistent way for administrators to maintain staff and procedural accountability and professionalism. We invite you to begin a conversation with us about how Advantage’s On-line Program can meet your needs.